CGoW Fashion Show July 2010 CGoW Fashion Show July 2010 Edith Hoskin Edith Hoskin, our chairlady, giving a memorable speech in honour of the guild's 60th birthday 99398911 Guild's 60th birthday celebration fashion show Guild's 60th birthday celebration fashion show 99398912 Bertha Serritslev Bertha Serritslev, master weaver, respected teacher and one of the guild's oldest members 99395081 Barbara Schotel and Mannfred Hinsch Barbara Schotel, one of our country members from Robertson and Mannfred Hinsch from Mukuti Stud Alpacas 99395084 Bridget Henderson Bridget Henderson enjoying the show 99395087 Maureen Schwind and Rita Mills Maureen Schwind and Rita Mills all smiles in anticipation of the show 99395098 Husbands Richard Post from Malmesbury (father of one of the models) and Lewis Ordman, Norma's husband 99395097 Susan Stougie Susan Stougie and friend 99395102 Harmonie Alpacas Dominic from Harmonie Alpacas showing off one of the scarves produced on the farm 99395082 Harmonie Alpacas Nyasha modeling another one of Harmonie Alpacas' beautiful scarves 99395083 Harmonie Alpacas A waistcoat by Harmonie Alpacas shown off by Nyasha 99398914 Alexandra Post from Malmesbury Alexandra Post from Malmesbury 99395085 Dyan Gunn Dyan Gunn, Natalie Geard's granddaughter modeling a shawl by Akelei Alpacas 99395086 Dyan Gunn The beautiful alpaca shawl being admired by Janina Holloway 99398920 Marie Barbara Jordi's daughter, Marie showing off a tailored coat woven by her mother 99395088 Marie Modelling a hooded coat 99395089 Wendy Wendy Johannes in a cardigan by Janneke Engelbrecht 99395091 Alexandra Alexandra Post in a knitted aran sweater 99395092 Wendy Wendy modeling a lilac summer top 99395093 Mary Mary Shepherd modeling her own creation 99395094 Dyan Dyan in a gilet and neckscarf in Alpaca 99395095 Allegra Allegra Liltved modeling an exquisite waistcoat knitted by Ellen Ohle 99395096 Anja Anja Volk showing off her beautifully woven shawl 99395099 Sibi Sibi Ndlwana wearing a woven boucle shrug by Annemarie Neethling and scarf 99395100 Alexandra Alexandra showing a versatile wrap 99395101 Wendy Wendy Johannes modeling a waistcoat and scarf by Norma Ordman 99395103 Dyan Dyan playfully showing off a modern scarf 99395104 Allegra Allegra, stunning in black and a bright sungold scarf 99398913 Marie Barbara Jordi's daughter, Marie in a knitted top and felted hat by Mary Shepherd 99398915 Allegra Allegra Liltved looking sporty in a fluffy jersey by Greta Nielsen 99398916 Sibi Sibi Ndlwana, gorgeous in matching felted hat and waistcoat 99398917 Sibi Close-up of the outfit modeled by Sibi Ndlwana 99398918 Marie Marie in a jacket made up by Christiane Dreismann 99398919 Anja Anja Volk showing off Susan Stougie's sweater 99398921 Sibi Ndlwana Sibi Ndlwana looking stunning in a red shawl by Norma Ordman 99398922 Sibi Sibi Ndlwana, modeling another red shawl - great colour for Sibi! 99398926 Dyan Gunn Dyan wearing a gilet by Norma Ordman 99398923 Alexandra Post Felted hat by Mary Shepherd and scarf, as modeled by Alexandra Post 99398924 Wendy Wendy Johannes looking very glamorous in a beautifully draped green and maroon cotton shawl and matching shirt, woven in log cabin threading. These items are by Ingrid Hansen 99398925 Allegra Allegra Liltved in a stunning felted dress 99398927 Allegra Reminiscent of a wood nymph, Allegra would fit right into a Hollywood production about elves and faeries in this beautiful creation 99395090 Fritz Dreismann Snacks prepared by Fritz Dreismann were delicious 99395106 Fritz More mouth-watering goodies 99395105 Fritz Canapés of the highest order! 99395107 Fritz More yummy tidbits 99395108 Fritz Delectable sosaties 99395110 Fritz Doesn't that look scrumptious! 99395111 Fritz Dessert on a stick! 99395109